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Apple Disposable e cigarette

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Apple Disposable e-Hookah
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BOOM! What was that? That was the sound of your taste buds exploding in happiness after trying our Apple Disposable E-Cigarette. This flavor is hands down the best in the business and will instantly become a favorite of anyone who’s seeking an amazing apple blend. You’ve had apple and you may have even had green or red  apple before, but you’ve NEVER had Green Leaf’s Apple Blend, otherwise we’d be millionaires right now. Here’s what we recommend to get the full effect of Apple Disposable E-Cigarette:

  • Place order.

  • Wait patiently.

  • Open mail.

  • Vape Green Leaf’s Apple Disposable E-Cigarette.

  • Preach!

Our Apple Disposable E-Cigarette comes with:

8mg of Nicotine

Good for about 500 Puffs

Amazing taste, simple to use, that’s what Green Leaf is all about !

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