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How Long Should My Product Last?

A NOTE: The life of all Green Leaf eLiquids and brand name hardware  are all subject to use. More frequent vapers should expect shorter lifespans for all products in comparison to light vapers. However, taking care of your hardware will mitigate the risk of damage, improve lifespan and help promote proper function.


Because eLiquids are subject to use more than any other product sold by Green Leaf , the lifespan of your bottle will vary greatly. You will notice that some flavors outlast others, and certain nicotine levels will show more extended lifespans depending on your preferences.

The average lifespan of a bottle of eLiquid, based on a former “pack per day” smoker is based on a 1mL = 1 pack ratio. Essentially, the number of milliliters (mL) in a bottle is equivalent to the number of days that the bottle should last (ex. 15mL=15 days). If you’re a former heavy smoker of more than a single pack per day, simply divide your old habit by the milliliters in a bottle (ex. 1.5 packs per day/15mL=10 days).


The lifespan of batteries is based on two chief components: amperage and age of the battery. Batteries with lower amperage will tend to burn out faster than those with higher amperages, and all batteries are subject to lower life span as they age overall. All batteries have an overall lifespan of 3-5 months, however with proper care and charging technique, some larger batteries have been known to live for up to a year.

Here is a handy comparison chart for all batteries offered by Green Leaf :

Battery Name

Amperage (mAh)

Use Time

Charge Time

eRoll Standard


~1 Hour

~1 Hour***

510 Standard


~1 Hour

~1 Hour***

510 Long Life


1-2 Hours

~1 Hour***

eCab Standard


2-5 Hours

2 Hours***

eGo-C Standard


5-8 Hours

2 Hours***

eGo-C TWIST Standard


5-8 Hours**

2 Hours***

eGo-C XL


8-10 Hours

4 Hours***



8-10 Hours**

4 Hours***

eVic Standard


10-16 Hours**

10 Hours***

*Variable voltage battery lifespans are subject to user preference. Values above are calculated based on the lowest output possible.

**Use time for variable voltage batteries is subject to voltage output preference. Values above are calculated based on the lowest output possible.

***Charge times listed above are approximations.

Be sure that when charging your batteries you are doing so with an appropriate charger. Chargers come in a variety of amperage outputs, so choosing the best fit for your battery will help to improve the charge time overall. If you require extra charging accessories, please be sure to select the right product from our batteries and charging category. If you need help determining the appropriate charging accessory for your battery, please call our customer service line.


Atomizers are the wicking element of the electronic cigarette and are subject to extreme wear and tear based on your vaping habits. Generally, atomizers will last a moderate vaper between 2-4 weeks. Heavy users may experience a loss in quality from their atomizers in as little as a week, while some light vapers can achieve more than a month of use from a single unit. Your atomizer will show signs of wear by taking longer to wick, burning eLiquid or simply not firing at all.


Tanks can be reused if a user prefers a single flavor. You have the ability to remove and reuse a tank by refilling it with the same liquid as was previously inserted. That being said, tanks also have a finite lifespan, as heavy vapers will begin to see deterioration from the tank after a few separate refills.

Generally, a tank will last the duration of a 15mL bottle of eLiquid—so roughly 15 days. After several refills or a month’s worth of use, the tank could potentially experience buildup or residue. For hygienic reasons and the overall integrity of your eCigarette, Green Leaf  recommends refilling tanks no more than 5-6 times before moving on to a new unit.


Because of their superior construction and enhanced structure, clearomizers will last longer than atomizers, cartomizers and tanks. In most cases, a clearomizer can last several weeks or longer with proper care. Clearomizers also have replaceable parts, such as wicks, which can further extend the life of the product.

GS V-Core (Vivi Nova) clearomizers in particular have an exceptional lifespan because of their ability to be taken apart and cleaned. Someone who is properly using and cleaning their GS V-Core (Vivi Nova) can see extended life of a few months, provided that they are also taking care to vape only non-corrosive juices (ex. Cinnamon eLiquid and other acidic, oil-based liquids are corrosive juices).

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