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Tobacco e cigarette Cartomizer

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The Tobacco cartomizer has been crafted with the classic analog cigarette smoker in mind with focus on taste, and style to simulate the perfect alternative to smoking, try one today!
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Rich and smoky, full bodied and bold: our Classic Tobacco Green leaf isn’t something to take lightly. Crafted through more than a dozen variations, you can be sure that you’re going to get the absolute best flavor from this time-tested favorite. Our Green Leaf Tobacco Cartomizer Pack is most like a fresh pipe tobacco: free of adulterants and focused entirely on the natural taste that so many Americans have grown to love. There’s nothing we can do to convince you that this Tobacco is the real deal except show you: give Green Leaf’s  Tobacco Cartomizer Pack, a try and try to pick up a cigarette afterwards… you’re bound to be disappointed in the analog.

If you’ve been craving the taste of tobacco and miss smoking traditional cigarettes, look no further! Green Leaf’s Tobacco Cartomizer Pack is sure to give you the delightful taste of real tobacco that you’ve been missing. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice the delicate and exquisite flavor of traditional cigarettes. Our Tobacco Cartomizer Pack has intense and rich flavor for pure vaping delight!  We have the perfect blend of ingredients, so that you’ll never miss a traditional cigarette again!

Try one of our other Green Leaf delicious flavors for your vaping enjoyment today!

Here’s what we recommend to get the full effect of our Tobacco Cartomizer Pack:

  • Place order.

  • Wait patiently.

  • Open mail.

  • Vape Green Leaf’s  Tobacco Cartomizer Pack.

  • Preach!

Our Tobacco Cartomizer Pack are available in High and Low Nicotine strength , comes with:

5x 18mg (High) or 11mg (Low) of Nicotine, good for about 300 Puffs per Cartomizer

Amazing taste, simple to use, that’s what Green Leaf is all about !

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