EGO 650mah Pink Battery

EGO 650mah Pink Battery

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Green Leaf GL-Ego 650 Pink Battery is the ideal battery for your vaping experience. Our lithium-ion batteries are sleek, smooth and modernly designed with stainless steel trim to show your sophisticated style. Not only is our GL Ego 650 lithium-ion perfectly designed but they also have a 6 click on/off feature with a blue LD on and off button,  an overheat protector sensor and an overcharge sensor for perfect control and safety. Our batteries go a long way, charging your e-cig for 4-6 hours!


Carefully crafted and designed, our GL-EGO 650 batteries come with stainless steel trim and are made with the best quality materials. Each battery lasts for 4-6 hours We have a variety of colors including pink, red, green, blue and black. Try them all! We’re sure you’ll love them.

Details & Features:

Lithium-ion battery

Portable battery

Small and “Compact

650 MAH  battery

We only use Grade A quality battery which enhances battery life and

2 safety sensors included:

  • 1.     Overheat protector sensor
  • 2.     Overcharge protection sensor

Smooth Grip

Stainless steel thread

LD OFF/ON button

6 click feature which entails you click it on 6 times and click it off 6 times

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